New fighter? Broken promises?

CTV News‘ Mercedes Stephenson is reporting, right now, that top military officers including the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Chief of the Air Staff are going to meet with cabinet, presumably to decide on the CF-18 replacement. A decision could be announced this morning.

Which promise will Prime Minister Trudeau break?

Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.46.01

Will he decide not to hold “an open and transparent competition to replace the CF-18” ~ after all it cannot be open or fair or even a competition if the F-35 is not included, can it? or

Will he decide not to “reduce the procurement budget” because there is nothing on the market cheaper than the F-35? or

Will he manage to kick the can down the road by buying some “interim” aircraft?


Edited to add: Mercedes Stephenson of CTV News reports that there will be a Press Conference at 1:00 PM, EST



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