Conservative leadership

CBC News notes that there are now 12 candidates for the CPC leadership some of whom are “serious” and some of whom are “just there.”

It seems to me that the next leader must come from a small core group the members of which are:

  1. Bilingual enough to not be laughed at in a French language debate;
    • I think being as good in French as Jean Chrétien was in English (i.e. fractured but generally fluent) is about the standard;
  2. Attractive to the TV cameras and on social media; and
  3. Offering, generally, moderate policies.

That little list seems sufficient, to me, to winnow down the list a lot.

I’m not sure how many of the candidates who seem, to me, qualified on items 2 and 3 …


… can pass test #1.

I know some people will disagree with me for consigning half the candidates to the “just there” bin, but I’m afraid that too many fail tests 2 and 3. Like it or not this is the age of instant, visual media and, fair or not, how one “performs” out there ~ and let’s admit that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a master at it ~ will determine how many Canadians will support you.

Some will also disagree with some of those I included but I think that:

  1. Michael Chong can make a good coherent case for a carbon tax if:
    • It is run just like the HST/GST so it gets us all, end users, at the  cash register almost every time we buy groceries, turn on the furnace or the air conditioner, fill up the car’s gas tank or have a coffee and muffin at Tim Horton‘s, and
    • There are equal offsets in the income tax so that hundreds of thousands of Canadians actually stop paying federal income tax; and
  2. Canadian values are real and Dr Leitch can make a good case for teaching them.

I haven’t decide who to support, yet. I like a lot of what Maxime Bernier says, but I wonder if it will scare off too many swingable voters ~ someone called him “son of Ayn Rand,” and while that’s unfair the Liberals will work very hard to make it stick. Ditto for Kellie Leitch: while I worry about the downstream use of Canadian Values against her, I share a lot of her worry and her views on other issues. Friends who served with him in Afghanistan tell me that Chris Alexander is one of the most impressive people they (senior, combat tested army officers) have ever met. I’m told (and I have some limited interaction to agree) that Erin O’Toole is also a first rate person: just the sort to be a good prime minister. So, I’m having a bit of trouble picking my winner from the half dozen I pre-selected as being electable. We, Conservatives, are, in other words, well off in terms of potential leaders and that doesn’t even take account of the fact that I believe others (at least one other) could be in the race.

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