What can we say?

Donald TrumpThe results of the US election were surprising. A young friend asked me, yesterday, if he should take a bet against Trump: I said, “No,” this is too close … I expect President Clinton, but I cannot be sure.”

Anyway, as usual, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is wise and pragmatic and says what we all need to think and say:

Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump! His leehsienloongmcicandidacy took many by surprise. At each stage he defied expectations, and his journey has ultimately taken him to the White House.

It has been a contentious, ugly election season, that has exposed a bitter divide in the American people. Many will celebrate this result, while others will understandably be surprised and disappointed. But like the Brexit referendum in June, Mr Trump’s victory is part of a broader pattern in developed countries – reflecting a deep frustration with the way things are, and a strong wish to reassert a sense of identity, and somehow to change the status quo.

Prime Minister Lee goes on to say that “US voters have elected a President whom they feel best represents them. Singapore fully respects their decision. We will continue to work together with the United States to cultivate our strong ties.” Canadians, and other who are America’s friends, need to say the same.

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