Media bias?

I have followed and commented upon the story of Minister Maryam Monsef; in so doing I have, several timers, quoted Sun reporter/columnist Candice Malcom. My general take has been that Ms Monsef is, very possibly, innocent of any personal wrongdoing, but she may be in an impossible position and it appears, to me, that she and the Liberal government are trying to cover something up …

I do not think Ms Monsef is a very good or useful minister. I think that she, like several others, were appointed as tokens, in some part …

… and I think the tokenism was welcome in many progressive circles. So, while I am, on a personal level, somewhat sympathetic to Ms Monsef, I believe that if her mother did, indeed, falsify her immigration documents then both should, possibly, be deported, as others, with equally compelling personal stories have been. The process appears arbitrary and even capricious to some observers and some worry that Maryam Monsef is not being treated the same as many others in similar circumstances.

It seems to me that, at the very least, Ms Monsef should step down from her cabinet appointment and sit as a backbencher until her status is, formally and publicly, resolved.

What is really disturbing is another story by journalist Candice Malcolm in which she suggests, quoting some “tweets” as evidence, that she is being attacked because she is asking some very hard questions about Minister Monsef. Ms Malcolm ~ who is a former Conservative political operative, so hardly unbiased herself ~ is being taken to task by other journalists for digging up unpleasant facts and staking out a position.

I expect the media, generally, to be biased. Globally respected journals like The Economist and the Financial Times, for example, are very open and public about their biases. It has become the norm, since the 1940s ~ think of e.g. Edward R Murrow ~  for “reporters” to add their own opinions to their “reports.” The distinction between reporter and columnist, which might have still been visible until the 1970s, has long gone. So it is disturbing to find one reporter attacking another for being aggressive in digging for the truth and for expressing her opinion.  I understand that the Laurentian Elites and those in their pay and in their pockets are highly protective of Prime Minister Trudeau and of Minister Monsef, but, still  that is the kind of media bias which we can do without.

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