Just when we thought …

Just when we thought that lunacy was, by and large, confined to Wallonia, North Korea and the America presidential election campaign, we learn that FIFA … you remember FIFA, Sepp Blatter, and all that, don’t you? …


… at least FIFA’s new head honcho, Gianni Infantino of Switzerland, and FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, of Senegal, have decided that the Remembrance Day poppy, which England and Scotland want to wear for a World Cup qualifying match to be played on November 11th, is a “political or religious symbol” and, therefor, is inappropriate.

England’s football executives are defiant, as common sense demands they must be.

Sir David Low cartoon, showing a British soldier in 1940 Caption reads:”Very Well, Alone”

It makes it somewhat easier to understand why so many Brits, in England, especially, voted reflexively and, many would argue, against their own economic best interests, when they voted against Europe, doesn’t it?

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