Squaring a circle?

According to a report in the Toronto Star, Team Trudeau may have found a way to (at least) appear to square the fighter “capability gap” circle. The report quotes RCAF top dog, Lieutenant General Michael Hood as saying that ““The government has announced a policy whereby the Royal Canadian Air Force is required to simultaneouslyContinue reading “Squaring a circle?”

Another update on “Resolve”

Here, in a film made by Davie’s marketing department, is another interesting update on the progress on building the Resolve class military support ship. There is some potential good news for Davie and Canada at about 13’10”. This sort of private sector initiative is, in my opinion, generally superior to top-down, cabinet and bureaucracy drivenContinue reading “Another update on “Resolve””

Reaping the whirlwind?

It was a rough week-end for Prime Minister Trudeau. His ill-conceived and badly drafted eulogy for Fidel Castro, a murderous, communist tyrant, brought him almost universal condemnation and, what is much, much worse in politics, made him appear weak, immature and possessed of poor political judgement. The Huffington Post (and others) report that his recorded videoContinue reading “Reaping the whirlwind?”

Thin edge?

Is this report, from Global News, the thin edge of the Liberal strategic wedge to break the election system change promise? It has long been rumoured that senior Liberal strategists were and remain dismayed by Team Trudeau‘s electoral reform promise. They, those senior Liberal strategists, understand that the existing first-past-the-post (FPTP) system works for both theContinue reading “Thin edge?”

Some good advice from America

There is a very interesting article in the Dallas News by Professor Timothy Snyder (Yale) which should be read with great care by all conservatives, and especially by Conservatives, even though it may really annoy some of both groups. Professor Snyder looks back at the 20th century and then warns Americans (and it applies here, inContinue reading “Some good advice from America”

Public … broadcasting? information? access?

There is a report in the Toronto Sun that says that “Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch this week proposed to dismantle Canada’s state broadcaster … It is a proposal that speaks,” the Sun suggests, “to Canadian frustration with a public broadcaster that in recent years has been rocked by scandal, allegations of political bias, aContinue reading “Public … broadcasting? information? access?”

Through a glass, darkly

A few months ago I wondered if it was only me who saw the Liberals as being a bit “tone deaf:” I noted that Prime Minister Trudeau had been out-manoeuvred by CPC leader Rona Ambrose on his response to the Fort McMurray fires, the undemocratic way the Liberals were pushing electoral reform, there was theContinue reading “Through a glass, darkly”

Dominance or decline, or some of each?

Six years ago Professor Joseph Nye, the famous political scientist and author of Soft Power (which I discussed yesterday in conjunction with China’s current global “offensive”) , wrote an essay for Foreign Affairs in which he discussed “The Future of American Power,” as he saw it then, and in which he aimed to put “dominance and decline inContinue reading “Dominance or decline, or some of each?”


The media is full of one story today: 230+ officials, military officers, civil servants and contractors were forced to sign lifetime gag orders (non disclosure agreements) regarding the fighter jet replacement issue. Why? What’s so secret? Many senior officials (including former assistant deputy ministers in DND and very senior military people who held very, veryContinue reading “Coverup?”

Everyman’ Strategic Survey: China makes its moves

Although not, in my opinion, entirely the result of the election of Donald Trump, the Chinese have pounced upon what they see as an emerging vacuum in American foreign policy. It seemed evident that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might have promised their way right out of the TPP in order to appease risingContinue reading “Everyman’ Strategic Survey: China makes its moves”