Good news!


OK, some good news from Donald Franciszek Tusk, the President of the European Council:

As President Tusk’s people explain:

A BZ to the officials in Canada’s Trade service who negotiated this deal, many years ago, when Stephen Harper was prime minister, and who played a little “brinksmanship” in the past few days and, finally, under Prime Minister Trudeau, brought the deal home.

But, this is no time for anyone to rest on their laurels. Canada needs to also “bring home” the TPP, no matter what one of the third rate candidates the US is about elect to be the “leader” of the free world says or does; and we need to “bring home” free(er) trade deals with Britain, China and India and with other Asian partners like the Philippines.

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3 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. “The European Parliament’s approval is expected by many to come in early 2017.

    But the deal must be ratified by the EU’s 28 countries and several more smaller regional governments such as Wallonia. That process could take years, and could be derailed.

    Gus Van Harten, an Osgoode Hall law professor who specializes in trade, said he believes the European Parliament will likely approve the deal, but the foreign investor protection mechanism will likely pose problems in the future. That’s because national and regional governments have the ability to block it, ending the provisional application of the deal.”

    From the National Post, and…

    “in return for the support of the regional parliament of Wallonia, which had been blocking the deal, they have agreed to refer its most controversial component to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for a ruling.

    It is possible that the Investor Dispute Settlement System (ISDS), which allows US corporations to sue elected governments for policies that affect their profits, will be ruled incompatible with the EU treaties.”

    From the Daily Express.

    Many a slip twixt cup and lip……. and the cup has yet to reach the table.

    1. I think, Chris, that Europe understands that they actually need this deal (not little Canada, just a completed deal) more than we need them … we have NAFTA and we will go after the TPP (despite what Freeland and Trudeau say) and we will go after free(er) trade with Britain, China and India. Europe, on the other hand, goes nowhere but downhill if they cannot manage even this “good” deal.

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