Another thought for prospective Conservative leaders


With thanks to my good friend The Regimental Rogue for the idea and graphic … before we can move all the mountains that need shifting ~ the fiscal, social policy, trade, foreign policy, infrastructure, government services and defence mountains ~ we need to be elected to govern, again.

downtown_Port_HopeTo do that we need, first, to convince most of the 5,000,000+ Canadians who voted for us in 2015 to continue to support us and to come out to the polls and vote for their CPC candidate again. That means we have to continue to promise lower taxes, law and order, a principled foreign policy and Main Street social values.

15047167-Happy-asian-family-riding-bikes-in-the-beautiful-morning-at-the-beach-Stock-PhotoThen, second, we need to convince a lot of the 4,000,000+ new (or returned) Liberal voters that the Conservatives offer a better chance of giving them what they need and really want: a well managed, socially moderate, even progressive country that treats everyone with respect, regardless of race, creed, age or sex. We need to appeal beyond Main Street and rural Canadaand reach the suburbs, especially, and the urban centres where younger Canadians live and work.

We need to address everything from agriculture to veterans’ benefits, touching everything in between: bilingualism, correctional services, defence, energy, fisheries, geomatics, health, industrial policies, justice, kinetic energy weapons, labour relations, marine transport, northern communities, occupational health and safety, pipelines, Quebec’s aspirations, refugees, statistics, transportation safety and security, and, and, and … we need specific policies for each and every government programme and service: is each one necessary? how will we provide those that are necessary in an efficient and effective manner?

Then, after we’ve won, in 2019, we can start moving the mountains … one stone at a time.


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