A thought for prospective Conservative leaders


We, Canadian Conservatives, want you, would-be CPC leaders, to move mountains: fiscal mountains, social policy mountains, foreign and defence policy mountains, infrastructure mountains … and so on.

But Canadians, by and large, don’t want the mountains blown up and hauled away in monster trucks, the prospect of HUGE, radical, explosive change frightens them …

… they want us to move the mountains one, small stone at a time. We, Conservatives want to reshape our country but our countrymen and women don’t want us to rush the process. We have to bring them onside and keep them onside every step of the way …


… it’s not the most efficient way but, in our modern democracy it is the only way we can accomplish our goals.

We, Conservatives want to move the mountains, for Canada’s sake we need to move the mountains; but we must do it a way that will not frighten Canadians away when it is time to vote.

2 thoughts on “A thought for prospective Conservative leaders”

  1. Ok I’m not sure why conservatives, new democrats, liberals, haven’t figured out yet, that the rest of us the ones that are not political particularly, look askance at “New Broom Sweeps Clean” because it never really does, in our experience there are always artifacts left over, so we are left with a bastardized version of what was needed, a law usually less understandable, and more costly than the old one.

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