More on why globalization is good

There will have been many, on all parts of the political spectrum, who would have disagreed with my earlier post, just below, about globalization. You all need to take a look at this video.

Some of you will quibble with some of the numbers, but the basic message ~ longer and better lives for more people, less hunger, better educations and greater opportunities over the past quarter century, especially ~ is undeniable.

Globalization, coupled with free(er) trade, has been one of the main drivers of this new 2010-07-01-05-51-30-4c2c65227f574soldiers-5-col-BWprosperity … and never forget, please, that prosperity is, pretty clearly, linked to peace: people with jobs and a better future for their kids are reluctant to go to war. Wars come from fear and despair, not from growing economies and better lives for ordinary people. We don’t need to go and make peace or keep the peace in places where the benefits of globalization are being seen. Canadian soldiers get killed in places where globalization has been rejected.

I understand that many, on the left and on the right, too, ant to eschew globalization and retreat behind barriers into renewed jingoistic nationalism: you’re wrong, all of you, on every count.

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