Brad Trost

I would not have said this, but I cannot disagree with word of it and it probably needs to be said.

“It” is a column in the Toronto Sun by Mark Bonokoski in which he says that “If undeclared Conservative leadership candidate Brad Trost wants a glimpse of his 2016-5-29-minghui-canada-vipsupport-02constituency of social conservatives, all he has to do is peruse the obituary pages to see that it is dwindling … [and] … The parents of the Boomer Generation, who were dubbed the Greatest Generation for having lived through both the Great Depression and the Second World War, believed almost unanimously that abortion was murder, that homosexuality was a sin, that convicted killers should be hanged from high, and that racial prejudice was somehow justified … [and, further] … In time, our society learned and thought differently, but theirs was locked in and virtually immovable … [and, he goes on] … This makes Trost’s agenda both fruitless and damaging to the future of the Conservative Party of Canada.

imageI support Mr Trost’s and e.g. Pierre Lemieux’s right to speak out for the issues in which they believe … but we, Conservatives, the Conservatives who want to return to power to give Canada good government, must not listen. We owe them and their followers a respectful hearing … but that must be the end of it. The Party decided these issues in convention … if that’s not good enough then maybe some people need to form a new party.

As Mr Bonokoski says, “The most important generation today, and the one that will decide Canada’s future, is the millennials … [and] … They couldn’t care less about which initial you share in the LGBTQ crowd, as long as you are a decent human being … [and, further] … They embrace differences by not noticing them.” That’s what we Conservatives should do, too: not notice the private, social beliefs that animate some Canadians and focus, instead, on providing the best government we can fir the greatest number of Canadians, including those who didn’t vote for us.

One thought on “Brad Trost”

  1. One of my major problems with the Haperites, you’ve been hired to govern all Canadians not just the ones you like and the rest of parties have to be held to that standard, “all Canadians”

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