A message for Justin Trudeau & Kent Hehr


You, Justin Trudeau and each and every one of the Liberal Party of Canada‘s candidates, including you, Minister Kent Hehr, offered yourselves for election on the explicit promise to restore lifelong pensions for wounded veterans.


Now, I understand that many, many senior officials are telling you that such systems are hideously expensive and that there are better ways to help wounded military people make a successful transition back into the civilian world … but you didn’t promise to “think about it,” you promised to do it.

Isn’t it time to come clean with wounded veterans and tell them that you never cared in the first place? That wouldn’t be the “square deal” that you promised, but at least it would be honest.

Maybe you could ask someone local what they think … maybe someone like, say, Jody Mitic, he’s just down the street, serving on Ottawa city council. If a few wounded vets like Jody say you guys are doing the right thing then I’ll back away from this issue.

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