Not sure about the implications …

There is a report in the Edmonton Sun that "A government file has been opened to investigate Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef for possible citizenship fraud, the Sun has learned. An investigation of this type could lead to a number of outcomes, including possible citizenship revocation ... [and] ...  The Sun has confirmed with multiple … Continue reading Not sure about the implications …

Good news!

  OK, some good news from Donald Franciszek Tusk, the President of the European Council: As President Tusk's people explain: A BZ to the officials in Canada's Trade service who negotiated this deal, many years ago, when Stephen Harper was prime minister, and who played a little "brinksmanship" in the past few days … Continue reading Good news!

The very foundation

The very foundation of modern, 21st century liberal democracy rests in something John Locke said back in the 17th century: We have, Locke said, three fundamental, inalienable rights: to life (and limb), to liberty and to our own private property. Anyone who has all three rights is a citizen of a liberal democracy, or, perhaps, one … Continue reading The very foundation

Promises, promises (2)

Well, well, well, who woulda thunk it? The F-35 is back in the news ... for Canada. You remember the F-35? It's the aircraft that, just last year, on the campaign trail, Justin Trudeau promised not to buy ... instead, he said, Canada would hold an "open and transparent" competition (but one which, somehow would … Continue reading Promises, promises (2)

Is Apple the answer?

There is a very interesting article, published on Linkedin, by Ram Fish, Founder and CEO at 19Labs, who may not, at first glance, seem the sort of guy who might be a national strategic thinker, in which he suggests that "the biggest threat to the U.S. is actually from within. No, it’s not Trump. And … Continue reading Is Apple the answer?