Sharing the Burden

Professor Andrew Bacevich, writing in Foreign Affairs, in an essay entitled “Ending Endless War: A Pragmatic Military Strategy“ explains that, today, “U.S. forces [are] more or less permanently engaged in ongoing hostilities. In one theater after another, fighting erupts, ebbs, flows, and eventually meanders toward some ambiguous conclusion, only to erupt anew or be eclipsed byContinue reading “Sharing the Burden”


A couple of Days ago I commented on Dr Brian Day’s challenge to the Canada Health Act. Gary Mason, writing in the Globe and Mail, provides some back ground and some further details on the case and then, ear the end, he says: “The irony about all this is that if you talk to politiciansContinue reading “Disgraceful”

No, no, no and NO! (But …)

This story, from the Canadian Press, raises a disturbing question: is Kellie Leitch’s campaign team the same one that bought us “barbaric cultural practices?” According to the story Dr Leitch has asked her supporters: “Should the Canadian government screen potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values as part of its normal screening for refugees and landed immigrants?“Continue reading “No, no, no and NO! (But …)”

Trudeau in China, but NOT in Iqaluit

By all accounts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to China continues to go along very well, indeed. He was, as a Globe and Mail report says, being described on Chinese social media as “an “international Internet celebrity,” and as an “explosively hot” leader who is “so tall and hasn’t gotten fat yet.”” Sure there are some peopleContinue reading “Trudeau in China, but NOT in Iqaluit”

Conservative social programme spending

This is, in a way, Part 2 of yesterday’s comment about 800 pound gorilla that is the Canada Health Act and that threatens to destroy the entire Canada social safety net unless we can learn to contain its costs. Canadians love their social programmes. Many in the chattering classes assert that our social safety netContinue reading “Conservative social programme spending”


Rumours are circulating that Candice Bergen, Erin O’Toole and Michelle Rempel are all considering entering the CPC leadership race … … which would be good news. I think we want a big, exciting, even colourful field that represents ALL of Canada, coast to coast, and ALL points of view, from Red Tories to fiscal hawksContinue reading “Rumours”

The 800 pound gorillas (2)

About six months ago I talked about the threat to everything that relies, even remotely, on your tax dollars because of the 800 pound gorillas that are in every provincial and territorial living room, about to smash the furniture and china education and transport and social service programmes because, quite simply we cannot ~ many ofContinue reading “The 800 pound gorillas (2)”