Ships, again (2)

Some good news from both the West and East coast shipyards for both the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard: First, from Seaspan, on the West Coast, a photo update (June, July, August and September) on the construction of the first of three Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV #1) which will be named theContinue reading “Ships, again (2)”

Some vital advice for potential Conservative leaders

Lao Tzu, about 2,500 years ago, provided some guidance on governing that should still be the mantra of Conservatives today … … we have too many laws, too many regulations, too many “restrictions and prohibitions” and too many people managing and administering and enforcing them all. And it all costs too much money. I’m notContinue reading “Some vital advice for potential Conservative leaders”

The sick men of Europe

I promised more about the sick man of Europe, but the problem, now, is to find a healthy one. Several months ago I talked about migration, not Brexit or even Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS  being the greater threat to European security. I added, some months later, that the migrants might cause the “unspooling” of the EU and even NATO.Continue reading “The sick men of Europe”

A Canadian Potemkin Village

Some of us, in another forum, were discussing why UN peacekeeping seems to go so very wrong, so very often ~ not always, I hasten to add, just usually ~ and I quipped, with just a wee bit of hyperbole, that “Simple human decency says that a country like Canada should have dropped a lightContinue reading “A Canadian Potemkin Village”

Liberal gifts

I have wondered, in the past, if the Trudeau regime isn’t just a bit tone deaf. Equally, I have excused some errors as just “rookie mistakes” and I have failed to work up false outrage over some other incidents. But, ten full months into a government it is discouraging to see that “rookie mistakes” andContinue reading “Liberal gifts”

More CPC Leadership News (2)

This is one of those issues that I know will excite many Neandercons but, accepting that risk, I will try to address the (important) issue of language skills raised in the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post says that “Conservative MPs say it’s imperative their new leader speak French, but how bilingual that person must beContinue reading “More CPC Leadership News (2)”

More CPC Leadership News

Lots of news in the CPC Leadership race: The Globe and Mail reports that “when it comes to who should be the next leader, it appears Conrad Black has a preferred candidate – at least on the lunch circuit … The media baron recently sent out an email inviting guests to a Toronto luncheon for MaximeContinue reading “More CPC Leadership News”

Countering terrorism

It is 15 years plus a couple of days since 9/11 rocked the world. It is fitting that Foreign Affairs has republished (from 2002) an important article, by Dr Michael Scott Doran, and internationall recognized expert on Middle Easter politics and conflicts, who is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and was previously a Senior Fellow atContinue reading “Countering terrorism”

Doing the right thing in the right way

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being criticized for not having a vote in Parliament to “authorize” the deployment of a military (and police and civilc service?) force to, presumably, Africa. John Ivison, writing in the National Post, says, quite correctly, that “There is no requirement for any Canadian government to seek the authorization of theContinue reading “Doing the right thing in the right way”

Left, right and centre?

They say, in the USA, that people don’t really start to think about politics and so on until after Labour Day. I suppose it’s much the same here, although, back in the dog days of summer, John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail about a month ago, did opine about the problems and future of theContinue reading “Left, right and centre?”