The cost of government propaganda

Earlier this week I mentioned “bad optics” with regard to large real estate fee reimbursements for senior PMO insiders Gerald Butts and Katie Telford and the faulty résumé of Maryam Monsef, which, on top of the various ministers’ limo rides, hotel and “glamour photo” bills, began to make the governing Liberals look too “entitled” and even aContinue reading “The cost of government propaganda”

Another case where the benefit of the doubt is in order

Social media, especially, is full of this story: “Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef,” the Globe and Mail‘s Robert Fife explains in the linked story, “whom the Liberals have championed as this country’s first Afghan-born MP, says she was actually born and lived most of her early life in Iran before arriving with her mother andContinue reading “Another case where the benefit of the doubt is in order”

Conscription? … only for a few?

Since there is, currently, thanks to Dr Kellie Leitch, so much debate about Canadian values I thought I would ask Conservatives what they think about this? The linked story, from the National Post, says that two well known ethicists (Udo Schucklenk of Queens University and Julian Savulescu of Oxford University) have proposed, in articles inContinue reading “Conscription? … only for a few?”

The Senate (2)

Back in March I said, “kudos to Prime Minister Trudeau for picking some fine Canadians to sit in the senate of Canada … [because] … they are all distinguished Canadians who have served our country well and who can continue to serve, even in a flawed institution.” But I also challenged him to take up theContinue reading “The Senate (2)”

Just sayin’

David Akin, in his On The Hill blog … …. makes a very important point about how we Canadians see and judge ourselves and how others see (or ignore) us on the world stage. Gerald Butts, he reminds us, during the 2015 election campaign, tweeted “a picture of former prime minister Stephen Harper’s last speechContinue reading “Just sayin’”

More on replacing the CF-18s

Some seven months ago I speculated that the Liberal government might be considering using the CF-18 replacement fiasco as a way to subsidize Bombardier. I explained that I am not opposed to using defence production as a (legal) industrial subsidy too and, also, that I’m not qualified to say what is or is not theContinue reading “More on replacing the CF-18s”

Sorry to see him go, but …

I’m very sorry to learn that the Honourable Jason Kenney has, officially, resigned his seat in the House of Commons … … he was a able constituency MP, a good minister and a very fine “party man,” too. He will be missed by all, I think, and many of us, not all, to be sure, wishContinue reading “Sorry to see him go, but …”

The fall sitting

Social media is full of this: In sad truth, what we have seen, mostly, as David Akin says in the National Post, are “government MPs hand out cheques for almost $8 billion for at least two tennis courts, several hockey arena renovations, two flagpoles and one gazebo … [and] … There were also cheques for umpteenContinue reading “The fall sitting”


A few days ago, Candice Malcolm, writing in the Toronto Sun, quoted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from an interview he gave to the New York Times Magazine back in October … “Late last year,” she reports, “Justin Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by ourContinue reading “Really?”