Masters of cynicism, inactivity and selfies

A few days ago I commented on this issue: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first months in office were the least productive of any government in the House of Commons in more than two decades, data compiled by the Library of Parliament shows,” reported Althea Raj in the Huffington Post.

But, in their defence, the Liberals point to the fact that they “brought in a new Canada child benefit and negotiated an expansion of the Canada Pension Plan with the provinces,” according to Government House Leader Bardish Chagger.

During the 2015 campaign the Liberals were very specific, and, doubtless, got some vote in promising that:

“We will give veterans more compensation, more choice, and more support in planning their financial future.

We will re-establish lifelong pensions as an option for our injured veterans, and increase the value of the disability award. We will ensure that every injured veteran has access to financial advice and support so that they can determine the form of compensation that works best for them and their families.”

Screenshot 2016-09-25 18.46.33.png

Well, they can manage to bring in a new child benefit and negotiate a hideously complex CPP agreement, but, now Veterans Affairs Minister Kent, speaking in Winnipeg, says thatCanadian veterans are being asked to be patient when it comes to the re-establishment of their lifelong pension … [and] … Hehr said the Liberal government is working toward “having a clearer option” on the lifetime pension.

What could have been clearer that Justin Trudeau’s promise?

We will re-establish lifelong pensions,” is what he promised. Did he lie? Is he, as the Conservatives suggested just not ready to govern? Or are he and Team Trudeau just cynics who played Canadians for fools?

A bit of all three, in my considered opinion.

2 thoughts on “Masters of cynicism, inactivity and selfies”

  1. I’m going to continue guessing it’s all about how much it’ll cost. If a Tory, majority government couldn’t find time/political will to do nothing about reinstating pensions, that tells me ANY party would find it prohibitively expensive. And the fact that no party seems to want to do it for that reason speaks to, as you’ve said before, Canada’s REAL support for the troops & vets – and how much (or little) political mileage such support would get for whoever’s in the wheelhouse 😦

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