The fall sitting

Social media is full of this:


In sad truth, what we have seen, mostly, as David Akin says in the National Post, are “government MPs hand out cheques for almost $8 billion for at least two tennis courts, several hockey arena renovations, two flagpoles and one gazebo … [and] … There were also cheques for umpteen multimillion-dollar science grants, dozens of wastewater treatment plants, a handful of overseas development projects and, of course, plenty of federally funded summer festivals … [and] … The grand total for the 94 days since the House of Commons last convened: 1,447 cheques presented by Liberal cabinet ministers and Liberal MPs worth a combined $7.8 billion.

But this is not the point upon which our Conservative parliamentary leadership should be hammering, day after day and week after week … for a day or two, yes, to make sure the rest of the media spreads the word, but not ad infinitum.

14362426_10154015011468525_6404386669322024562_oI want to see and hear our, Conservative parliamentary leadership and caucuses (both House and Senate) challenging the Liberals to be better managers, to do more of what Canadians need while, simultaneously, spending less and less money. I want the CPC MPs to offer concrete, costed proposals to provide Canadians with the programmes, projects and services that they need in a better, more cost effective way that the LPC is proposing. When, and it happens every now and again, the Liberals have things right, we should say so and move on, but, otherwise, normally, I hope to hear Conservatives making sensible proposals that will, slowly but surely, win back those who sat on their hands in 2015. Let’s be clear, we need to “swing” 1.5 million Canadian voters away from Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and to the Conservative Party of Canada. That’s not an easy or a simple task and it will not be accomplished by doing nothing but tossing mud at the government … we have to offer more than that. We have to offer policy proposals and programme proposals and service proposals that please and even excite Canadians.

The official opposition is there to oppose, for sure, but not mindlessly … it is also there to propose and the more of the latter it does the more likely Canadians are to see us, clearly, as an acceptable alternative to the still wildly popular Trudeau Liberals.

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