Liberal gifts

I have wondered, in the past, if the Trudeau regime isn’t just a bit tone deaf. Equally, I have excused some errors as just “rookie mistakes” and I have failed to work up false outrage over some other incidents. But, ten full months into a government it is discouraging to see that “rookie mistakes” and that “tone deaf” thing are still here.

It was wrong, in my opinion, for Prime Minister Trudeau to pass up all public displays of remembering the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and then, the very next day, to go to a gender pm-trudeau_lead_articlesegregated mosque for a (quite unnecessary) speech and photo-op. I think that the Liberal Party can fairly safely assume the the Muslim vote is theirs until at least after the 2019 election. He is, David Akin reports, in the National Post, “under fire.” Mr Akin says that “Trudeau’s appearance Monday morning at a gender-segregated mosque in Ottawa brought criticism from some of the same women who had admired his work toward gender equality.” I think it is important to reach out to Muslim communities, but, surely, there must be one, somewhere in the Toronto~Montreal area that isn’r segregated … isn’t there? It was a OK move but it turned sour because:

  • He did not appear at any 9/11 commemoration service; and
  • The “optics” ~ segregated seating, “in the back of the bus,” so to speak, for women.

The second issue was Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould who charged meals and hotels wilsonraybouldjody_libto the government when she went to attend a Liberal fundraiser and then threw her department’s staff under the bus. I am 99% certain that the departmental staff know and want to apply the expense claim rules, I am equally (99%) certain that young Liberal political staffers overrule the officials and try to give their minister perquisites to which she is not entitled.

I do not doubt  Justin Trudeau’s personal commitment to multiculturalism nor Ms Wilson-Raybould’s personal integrity, but I do doubt the moral “depth” of the Liberal Party of Canada and its’ ability to put Canada’s interests ahead of the 2019 election.

These two incidents are worrisome signs that the Liberal Party or Team Trudeau, anyway, are disconnected from the views of mainstream Canadians and that the bad old sense of “entitlement” has crept back in. I think we, Conservatives, can beat the Liberals in 2019 on policy (and what I expect to be a less than stellar record) but we should be grateful to the prime minister and his ministers for “gifts” lie these.

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