The Librano$ are Back (2)

I reported on the return of the Librano$ back in December, 2015 just six weeks after Prime Minister Trudeau’s new government was installed, and I used that really quite brilliant illustration from the  Western Standard:


Now, Robert Fife and Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, report that they seem to be back: “SNC-Lavalin executives involved in an illegal political slush fund in Quebec conducted the same practice at the federal level, making a total of $117,803 of unlawful political donations to the Liberal and Conservative parties … [and] … The Elections Commissioner found that between March, 2004, to May, 2011, senior SNC-Lavalin executives illegally donated $83,534 to the Liberal Party of Canada; $13,552 to various Liberal riding associations; $12,529 to contestants involved in the 2006 Liberal leadership race; $3,137 to the Conservative Party and $5,050 to Conservative riding associations.” (My emphasis added.) That’s almost $110,000 for the Liberals and $8,187 for the CPC.

Canada’s back, Justin Trudeau keeps telling us, and so, we can see, are the Librano$, with a few new faces:

Modern Librano$

(I don’t know who made this illustration, but I would really like to thank her or him.)

It looks like we didn’t really vote for change, after all, did we?

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