Values, again … Main Street vs Bay Street

We all know these places … … they are where we were raised and they are where the core values of the Conservative Party were born and raised, too. Values like respect for others, hard work, independence, individualism, cooperation, sharing, tolerance and thrift. But, increasingly, Canadians live and work here … … but many ofContinue reading “Values, again … Main Street vs Bay Street”

Liberty ~ liberal ~ Liberal ~ Libertarian

It’s funny how words trip us up. Back around 50 or 60 years ago a bunch of intellectually lazy Americans who were interested in smaller government and lower taxes and a better, more efficient and effective military, decided that the “progressive,” North-Eastern, ivy league, New Dealer, entitled, elites, which would have included former presidential contenders EstesContinue reading “Liberty ~ liberal ~ Liberal ~ Libertarian”

Brexit (13): CANZUK

There is a thought provoking article in the Financial Post by Dr. Andrew Lilico, who is executive director and principal of Europe Economics, a fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs, and chairman of the IEA/Sunday Times Monetary Policy Committee, that proposes a revised, economic Anglosphere: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This free trade areaContinue reading “Brexit (13): CANZUK”

Why we MUST have a referendum on electoral system change

Professor Emmett Macfarlane (Political Science, Waterloo University), a noted authority on constitutional matters (author of, ‘Governing from the Bench: The Supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial Role‘) has weighed in on the question of changing the voting system in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail. Prof Macfarlane says that “the Liberals have aContinue reading “Why we MUST have a referendum on electoral system change”

Daniel Pipes on Donald Trump

I’m an admirer of Daniel Pipes. he is distinguished scholar, a public servant, and an author. Of course he has a very public point of view that not everyone shares: he is a staunch advocate for Israel. Israel has become a divisive political issue for Americans. Gradually, but steadily, in the post-Truman/Eisenhower era, the Democrats, sometimesContinue reading “Daniel Pipes on Donald Trump”

The sick man of Europe (1)

In an article in the Globe and Mail, sub-titled “Forget Greece or Brexit: This could be Europe’s biggest crisis yet,” financial journalist Eric Reguly says that “Italy is cluttered with ailing banks, big and small, that are stuffed with non-performing loans worth an astounding 18 per cent of Italian gross domestic product – among the highestContinue reading “The sick man of Europe (1)”

Better than this

I said, a few days ago, that we, secular, liberal, democratic, civilized Canadians, have to have a “better” narrative that we can teach to children, teens and adults to persuade and convince them that our civil society is better than whatever else is on offer. We must understand that “they,” the other, are preaching theirContinue reading “Better than this”