Re-thinking one military rank

I am on record, more than once, as an advocate for cutting slashing the number of HQs in the Canadian Armed Forces and the numbers and ranks of the staff officers in them. I think the Canadian military could function at least as well, and probably better with, say, a 25 to 50% cut in theContinue reading “Re-thinking one military rank”

Peace support operations in Africa

Three articles indicate that the Trudeau government is firm its commitment to send a forces (or forces) of a size that, in Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s words, Canada “can sustain for a long duration” to Africa. (For reference, we ‘sustained’ 2,500± (mostly) soldiers in Afghanistan for over a decade.) The articles, from CBC News, iPolitcsContinue reading “Peace support operations in Africa”

The Canadian political spectrum revisited (Conservatives can win)

There is a story by Anthony Furey in the Toronto Sun which posits that “Canada’s left is making itself irrelevant and paving the way for a lopsided two-party system that Justin Trudeau could dominate for the foreseeable future … [and] … If the third- and fifth-place parties on the federal scene continue to recede intoContinue reading “The Canadian political spectrum revisited (Conservatives can win)”

The South China Seas … again (2)

The New York Times has published an article and new photos that appear to  cast considerable doubt on China’s pledge to not militarize the South China Seas. The New York Times quotes Chinese Paramount Leader Xi Jimnping as saying, to President Obama: “China does not intend to pursue militarization,” Mr. Xi said, referring to theContinue reading “The South China Seas … again (2)”

The plain truth …

The fact that this is from China Daily doesn’t make it any less true: Protectionism, in all its forms, is the enemy of prosperity for most people. Only a few, in the labour movement, get short term gains from trade protectionism, and even they lose in the long term. Only really, really stupid people want toContinue reading “The plain truth …”

It should be obvious, but …

Thanks to my friend The Regimental Rogue: This, from General George Marshall, perhaps the greatest man of the 20th century, should be intuitively obvious. But it’s not, and we need to remember that it is the totality of the nation that makes us strong or weak: The numbers and quality of our ships, tanks, gunsContinue reading “It should be obvious, but …”

Frightening Prospects (2)

Back in February I commented on an essay by Robert Kaplan that I suggested should be a nightmare situation for isolationists, like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Barak Obama, who just want to “make the world go away” and leave America and Canada alone. The Obamas and Trudeaus, and their followers, really doContinue reading “Frightening Prospects (2)”

About Africa (more from open sources for Everyman)

In an excellent essay in Foreign Affairs, American scholar, businessman and public servant Ian H Solomon uses three recent books to explain some of the complexities of Africa: Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong, (London, 2015) by Morten Jerven; The Lion Awakes: Adventures in Africa’s Economic Miracle, (New York, 2015) by Ashish Thakkar; and The Next Africa: AnContinue reading “About Africa (more from open sources for Everyman)”

The winds of change?

There is an interesting article in iPolitcs by journalist/historian Michael Petrou headlined: “How Trudeau’s foreign policy could blow up in his face.” “Trudeau hasn’t been blown far off course — yet, ” M. Petrou writes, because, inter alia: “He’s enjoyed a sun-setting political romance with Obama. Visa requirements for Mexicans will be lifted by theContinue reading “The winds of change?”