Dealing with China

So, Justin Trudeau is off to China: I have argued, before, that a free(er) trade deal with China is in everyone’s better interests, but then I also argue that free(er) trade, in general, is in everyone’s better interests, so why would China be different? Well, China is different … we, most of us, don’t understandContinue reading “Dealing with China”

Another rookie mistake

I noted, in respect to Health Minister Jane Philpott’s limogate problem, that it probably wouldn’t be big issues like free trade or peacekeeping or the F-35 that will bring down the Trudeau regime but, rather, smaller things, mainly a lack of respect for ordinaryCanadians, as the NDP used to like to call us …  …Continue reading “Another rookie mistake”

A not quite so big tent?

I think I have been pretty consistent over the months I have been writing here in advocating, again and again, for a big tent party. Now, in an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, Prime Minister Harper’s former communications director, Angelo Persichilli, argues that: Prime Minister “Stephen Harper … succeeded only in building a “coalition” of conservativeContinue reading “A not quite so big tent?”


I got this, via social media, from an organization called the Economic Opportunities Institute, which self describes as being “an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit public policy center using research, education and advocacy to shape public debate and advance new policy ideas that help build an economy that works – for everyone.” They say, about themselves, thatContinue reading “1975”

A timely warning for Prime Minister Trudeau

Over time I have wondered if the Liberals were a bit “tone deaf” when it came to understanding that they are not “entitled to their entitlements,” but I could not be outraged by wasting parliament’s time nor could I join in the fake outrage over the Trudeau government’s handling of the murder of two CanadiansContinue reading “A timely warning for Prime Minister Trudeau”

Something to think about …

We all know that there are nice, comfortable, first class seats on aircraft, up in the front where they serve champagne before take off, and all that …  and then there is also “misery class,” in the back … … we should also be aware that there are “first class children,” too, in fortunate countriesContinue reading “Something to think about …”

Another “truth” for Conservatives

A friend, a conservative Conservative, posted this on social media: It isn’t the “inspirational” part that’s important. What matters is a good political lesson embedded in it. The lesson is that we didn’t “lose” in 2015 IF we learned how to win in 2019. We know that: We can win elections; We know how toContinue reading “Another “truth” for Conservatives”

The welfare state

There is a very interesting, very useful and somewhat erroneous article in The Spectator by banker/journalist James Bartholomew about the misuse and abuse of the ideas put forth by John Maynard Keynes. After leading us through a well written and accurate summary of when and how one of the central tenets of Keynsianism, macroeconomic demand management,Continue reading “The welfare state”

Worth remembering

John Sharp Williams (1854 – 1932) was a prominent American politician, a member of  the Democratic Party from the 1890s through the 1920s, and served as the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives from 1903 to 1908. He was famous for his oratory and wit. He was a supporter of Woodrow Wilson and of theContinue reading “Worth remembering”