Another rookie mistake

I noted, in respect to Health Minister Jane Philpott’s limogate problem, that it probably wouldn’t be big issues like free trade or peacekeeping or the F-35 that will bring down the Trudeau regime but, rather, smaller things, mainly a lack of respect for ordinaryCanadians, as the NDP used to like to call us …

0804 mckenna 197.JPG … small things like Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s (not really extraordinary, but hard to explain away) $6,600+ photo-shoot in Paris. What’s worse (same hyperlink) is that both Minister McKenna and Prime Minister Trudeau are throwing the staff under the bus rather than just acting like adults and apologizing. It is just another case of a rookie mistake by a rookie minister in a cabinet that was designed for image, not for effectiveness because, even after nearly ten months in office the Liberals are still in campaign mode.

I’m pretty sure that, just like Bill Morneau and Jane Philpott and Harjit Sajjan and Maryam Monsef, Miss McKenna is a bright, hard working, high achieving, honest person whose main aim is to make things “better” (in her estimation) for Canadians, but she, like them, might be “in over her head.” During the 2015 campaign the CPC complained, in attack ads, that “prime minister is not an entry level job,” well neither is being in a senior cabinet portfolio.

Now, there’s an old management adage that says you should hire character and teach skill, and I suppose Prime Minister Trudeau can, perhaps should argue, that he’s doing just that and his ministers need to be forgiven their rookie mistakes. He is, after all, already adjusting ministerial workloads ~ that of Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk, for example ~ in part because of too many mistakes. That may indicate that he’s learning that leadership is a skill that he and Mr Butts and Ms Telford all need to learn.

The other lesson that Team Trudeau needs to learn is that they were elected to govern, not just to campaign for re-election.

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