It should be obvious, but …

Thanks to my friend The Regimental Rogue:


This, from General George Marshall, perhaps the greatest man of the 20th century, should be intuitively obvious.

But it’s not, and we need to remember that it is the totality of the nation that makes us strong or weak:

  • The numbers and quality of our ships, tanks, guns and aircraft all matter … a lot;
  • The quality and availability of the support ~ supply and maintenance ~ for those ships and weapons matters, too … also a lot;
  • The quality of the men and women who serve and use those ships, weapons and aircraft and who repair and maintain them matter … even more;
  • The size and quality of our industrial and agricultural and essential service (finance, etc) civilian workforces are also vitally important;
  • The number and strength of our allies matter;
  • So does the grit and determination of our own people; and
  • Our political leadership matters hugely.

We had this sort of civil and military leadership in peace and war in the 20th century and in the early years of the 21st:

Are you happy with what we have now?


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