Better than this

I said, a few days ago, that we, secular, liberal, democratic, civilized Canadians, have to have a “better” narrative that we can teach to children, teens and adults to persuade and convince them that our civil society is better than whatever else is on offer.

We must understand that “they,” the other, are preaching their own narrative in our midst, and it is a horrifyingly uncivilized,savage, barbaric thing

Screenshot 2016-07-31 09.18.06

… I have no doubt that the Daily Mail sensationalized the story; they’re a popular, ‘down market’ tabloid, it’s what they do. I, equally, have no doubt the facts of the story are true.

This is what is being taught in some ~ not all to be sure, but some ~ mosques and schools and temples and the like in America, in Britain, in Canada, in Europe, and so on. We have to find these teachers and send them packing: back to Egypt, back to Pakistan, back to Saudi Arabia. Preaching that it is OK to abuse slaves is incitement to violence ~ both rape and slavery are acts of criminal violence ~ and it is a crime and those who preach such things should be tried, convicted and imprisoned before they are deported.

In case you think slavery isn’t a real problem, some sources (more than one) suggest that there are more than 25 million (many African) slaves in  Muslim countries … it’s not just Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS.

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