Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Europe (3) Angela Merkel

I’ve commented on Europe’s problems and prospects a few times, including within the context of the Brexit,  and I have noted that Germany is the linchpin. Now, Gideon Rachman, chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times, looks at the central role that Angela Merkel plays in Germany, which is central to Europe, which is oneContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Europe (3) Angela Merkel”

More old wine in a new bottle, this time it’s Russian vodka

During the cold war we were pretty accustomed to Soviet “disinformation” campaigns. Pravda (Правда) and Izvestia (Известия) were, by and large, just synonyms for lies and anti-Western propaganda. The Moscow “party line” was sent around the world and, dutifully, propagated by those dubbed (probably not by Lenin) as “useful idiots,” those unwitting dupes and fellow travellers of the 1940sContinue reading “More old wine in a new bottle, this time it’s Russian vodka”

Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Back in late February I commented on a report (by Murray Brewster of the Canadian Press) that the “Trudeau government [was] quietly shopping for military drones.” I commended Defence Minister Sajjan for overcoming what I am certain was political and bureaucratic timidity because the misnamed “drones” are certain to stir up some controversy amongst the usualContinue reading “Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs)”

Ships, again

Over six months ago I offered some thoughts on ships and, specifically, the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. I was especially concerned “that there is nowhere near enough money for even 15 of the new surface combatants” that the RCN says it needs (along with eight of the DeWolfe class Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships and two orContinue reading “Ships, again”

Another Strategic Survey

Almost 18 months ago The Telegraph, one of the “quality” British newspapers, published a survey ~ another sort of Everyman’s Strategic Survey, several of which I have offered over the past months, along with some of my own conclusions about what Canada might do to protect itself ~ aimed at answering the question:”What is the biggest threatContinue reading “Another Strategic Survey”

Old wine, new bottle: a foreign policy failure

Professor Thomas Juneau of  the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, who was, formerly, an analyst with Canada’s Department of National Defence, takes a look, in an opinion  piece in the Globe and Mail, at the recent announcement by ministers Bibeau, Dion, Goodale and Sajjan re: Canada being “back” in UN peacekeeping andContinue reading “Old wine, new bottle: a foreign policy failure”

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to (where?) we go … aimlessly

So, the Canadian Ministry of Liberal Propaganda tells us that four ministers went to the RCAF base in Bagotville to tell us that we are sending $450 million to the UN and up to 600 people, most, one presumes, will be military members (but some reports suggest it is 600 military plus 150 police), somewhere ~ weContinue reading “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to (where?) we go … aimlessly”

A workman worthy of his hire

Both Bloomberg and the CBC (and others) are reporting that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will resign his seat in the House of Commons today. Bloomberg says, citing an unnamed source that “Harper, 57, will launch a Calgary-based consulting firm, Harper and Associates, providing strategic advice with a focus on developing international business.” Prime Minister Harper was,Continue reading “A workman worthy of his hire”


About six months ago I commented on how we can manage to NOT win the next election. Canadian social media is, currently, full of hate and fear-mongering from what a friend of mine has dubbed “Neandercons” ~ our, Canadian, version of some of the more extreme examples of the “paleo-conservatives” who infest at least partContinue reading “Neandercons”