How about a step back … to effectiveness?

I see from the Canadian Army’s propaganda machine that our colonels and generals are still tightly wound around the “buttons and bows” axle. The news release says that the Army “will advance into the future” following a new Army flag … 


… which, I’m sad to say, looks, to me, a little too busy.

But maybe, instead of “advancing to the future” the Army needs to step back into the past … a past where soldiers had the kit and equipment they needed to fight, even if the flags weren’t up to scratch.

“But this is all harmless,” you might say, “and it doesn’t costs much, in real money.”

I would agree, up to a point … but it costs a lot of staff effort and it takes senior management‘s focus away from the things that do matter.

Things that do matter include, just for example:

  • boots for soldiers; and
  • logistical vehicles.

The last thing I heard from real soldiers, in field units, (yes, I still know a good number of them) boots and trucks, or lack of same, were “top of mind” for commanding officers, company commanders and platoon warrant officers, not flags and badges.

The Army’s HQ, in Ottawa, needs a shakeup … starting with major cuts to the size and rank levels of the Army staff.


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