A digression … shooting oneself in the foot

wtyrLqLAn editorial in the Toronto Sun wonders why on earth an apparently respectable London, ON, magazine, Al Saraha, a monthly Arabic language publication, ran an article in their latest issue headlined “The Question Which Everyone Ignores: Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews?” The article, The Sun explains, “says Jews in Germany promoted “promiscuity… homosexuality… every type of sexual deviance” … [and] … It then goes on to question whether the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was in fact 6 million, and claims people believe that number due to “Jewish propaganda”.” The Sun says, and I agree, that “It is difficult to conceive why a Muslim magazine, purportedly created to serve the local Muslim readership, would run an article like this .. [because] … It feeds stereotypes about Muslims that fuel anti-Muslim bigotry, and reflects a despicable, revisionist view of history perpetuated by the racist, Holocaust deniers – including terror groups such as ISIS … [and] … With Europe reeling from terror attacks, with U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump openly advocating to close America’s doors to Muslim immigrants, hateful sentiments expressed in articles like these undermine reason, reconciliation and tolerance.

toronto_18graphic.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxToo many Canadians already fear their Muslim neighbours because of terror plots and attacks, here at home, and because of young Canadian Muslims who have joined Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS. I believe that about 98% of all Muslims in Canada want to be good Canadians and ~ to whatever degree suits each individual ~ good Muslims, too. I suspect that 98% of them have no difficulty being both. There are a few, a tiny number, who do not or cannot reconcile the duties and responsibilities of being Canadian with their religious beliefs. These few people feel they must make hard, and often bad choices … and some do.

This matters because we allow communities to assume that there are no fixed, firm, Canadian value … or at least none that matter. It is a matter to which I will return, tomorrow.

In an article in the National Post, Rex Murphy explains that we have arrived at a situation  where we are perceived, by some, to have no apparent values because our own cultural elites have told us, over and over again, that our values are are not better than any others … that there is a “great space between correct opinion in the higher altitudes,” where our own Laurentian Elites pontificate, “and [the] lived experience in the valley,” where you and I and our friends and neighbours of many different races and creeds try to live together and get along.

I have concluded that Angela Merkel was right and “multiculturalism is a lie,” at least it is a lie in the form it is being force-fed to us by our own cultural elites. What’s more, I suspect that many, many people, doubtless most people, in the ‘new Canadian’ communities don’t want to impose their cultural norms on anyone, they were happy to leave most of that baggage behind in the ‘old country,’ but they need someone to tell them what the Canadian values are …

… and as I said, it is a battle, of sorts, in which teachers and community leaders must be the warriors and classrooms and town halls are to be the battlefields.

More to follow …

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