Now this should be interesting …

The Financial Times says of Prime Minister May’s appointment of Boris Johnson to be Britain’s Foreign Secretary, “Mr Johnson’s appointment as foreign secretaryis the most eye-catching of the Brexit cabinet moves. It puts foreign policy in the hands of a man rarely described as diplomatic … His appointment will cause bewilderment in chancelleries around the world, but there is some logic to the choice, beyond Mrs May’s obvious attempt to reunite her party by giving prominent jobs to pro-Brexit campaignersMr Johnson’s remit will, therefore, be to project Britain as an internationalist and open country to a sceptical world; his canvas will be the world beyond Europe, with a particular focus on China, India and the US, where he was born.

Nowhere will that “bewilderment” be more pronounced, I think, than in Ottawa where I expect that a chronically weak minister and a quite second rate diplomatic bureaucracy will not know what to think.

Stéphane Dion, professor from the Université Laval and the salons of  Institut d’études politiques in Paris, meet Boris Johnson, from the rugby fields of  Eton and Oxford

… your task, Minister Dion, is, quite literally, to muscle your way into Mr Johnson’s field of visions with the news that Canada matters, too, and so do Canadian markets, and that he needs to add us to his priority list. Or, maybe, it’s a task for a new minister … someone who might be up to the job.

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