Can Harjit Sajjan square the jet fighter circle?

Squaring_the_circle.svgIn 1882 Ferdinand von Lindemann and Karl Weierstrass finally proved that π is a transcendental number and that it is impossible to square a circle using a compass and straight edge … but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set his defence minister, Harjit Sajjan, just that task with regard to a new jet fighter for Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau promised, very, very clearly, to hold an open and transparent competition to select a new fight aircraft and, at the same time, he promised to close the competition by excluding the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightening from consideration. Ever since, Minister Sajjan has been left to twist in the wind while it is decided which Liberal lie will be transformed, via Big Brother‘s newspeak, into the political truth in official Ottawa.

In an article in iPolitcs, Dr. David McDonoug, research manager and senior editor at the Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDA Institute), and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University, and Tony Battista, the chief executive officer of the CDA and CDA Institute, examine the dilemma.

They conclude that “Decisions on the CF-18 replacement need to be made sooner rather than later. Hopefully, the government recognizes the urgency of its own rhetoric.

I’m quite sure the government does recognize the urgency … what I am less certain of is that it cares.

This is a government that doesn’t want to use warships, and tanks and fighter-bombers. It, specifically, wants to send female, French speaking police officers off on (safe) baby-blue beret type UN peacekeeping missions ~ failing to grasp, because the leaders and their foreign policy gurus are incredibly naive, that such things no longer exist ~

But events, like Vladimir Putin’s opportunistic adventurism, and pressure from the US and NATO allies keep intruding on the Sunny Ways agenda and the urgent UN mission are, probably, in less than pressing need of a few female, Francophone police officers …

… it’s not really clear, certainly not to UN diplomats, how to restore something like peace to Africa.

sajjan_hMeanwhile the problems of defence confuse and distract the Liberal campaign team which is masquerading as a government and they are casting about for a fall guy to take the blame for the inevitable failure to square the circles ~ and there are several. My guess is they have found him.


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