So, sort of an interesting day, yesterday full of events, some more consequential than others …


65346481The FBI found that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is, at the very best, stupidly careless with national security issues and, most likely, chronically dishonest, but … she’s too big (or rich or well connected) to jail. But, it seems pretty clear that had she been a “lesser” person she would have been charged, convicted and sentenced. Still, it seems likely that Americans will elect a woman who is, demonstrably, unsuited for any high office to the highest office in the land because … well, because she is not Donald Trump who, a lot of informed people think, would be an even worse president than Mrs Clinton.

CHILCOTIn Britain the Chilcot Commission delivered, as many expected, a damning report that says that US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair sent their armies to fight the wrong war for the wrong reasons. This is, however, pretty much crying over spilled milk and it is unlikely to convince other world leaders to fight the “right” wars, even if they do understand the right reasons.


downloadCanada’s far less than ready for the big leagues Minister for Democratic Institutions, Maryam Monsef, pronounced referenda ‘divisive’ and suggested that, not Liberal fear of losing their pet project, was why one should not be held on revising the electoral system. Some wag, somewhere on social media asked if, since elections also “often led to deep division” in society, the Liberals plan to not hold any more of them, too? The prognosis is really clear: the Liberals know they cannot hope to change the system if they ask Canadians a clear question in a national referendum so they will twist and turn and lie and cheat in an effort to avoid one. My guess is that they will fail.

_1b269570-76fb-11e5-9d61-41ab8e878eddDefence Minister Harjit Sajjan, another weak link in the Trudeau cabinet, backed even farther away from Justin Trudeau’s clear, unequivocal promise to hold an open, transparent, etc competition to pick a new fighter aircraft, and he, Minister Sajjan, now promises only to “consult” with industry. I doubt that this broken promise will really hurt Justin Trudeau ~ most Canadians, including the louder voices in the media, neither know nor care about jet fighters, and the media, having demonized the Conservatives and the F-35, will give Prime Minister Trudeau a pass on this.

CmtJAv1XgAAasE7Speaking of Prime Minister Trudeau, he, having cancelled the tax breaks that helped parent to send their kids to summer camp is off at  something called a “summer camp for billionaires” ~ his lovely family with him, of course, to try to “sell” Canada. (It even made the new in Australia.) Now that’s probably a good thing because, as the Globe and Mail reports, Canada is sliding towards economic hard times and, as I have mentioned before, the Trudeau regime is spending wildly and counter-productively. maybe he can use his “rock star”persona to convince some folks to invest in Canada … so he can tax their profits to spend unwisely.

The big news:

imageBut the big news is that Jason Kenney has decided to ignore the calls for him to contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada and has, instead, decided to seek the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives and. eventually, to “unite the right” in that province and show Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government the door.

Of all these tidbits I think that only one really matters: Jason Kenney’s attempt to unite Alberta. I think that Hillary Clinton being “too big to jail” was a foregone conclusion; ditto Sir John Chilcot’s report. No one should be surprised at Ministers Monsef and Sajjan trying, weakly, to skate around indefensible positions, nor should Prime Minister Trudeau jetting off to hob-nob with other celebrities surprise us. But I believe that wall-to-wall blue …


… (in BC it’s the NDP vs the not-NDP) from the Pacific to the Ottawa River scares the living daylights out of Wynne-Trudeau-Telford-Butts, because, I suspect, it shows that most Canadians don’t buy the left-Liberal recipe any longer. I also think it makes the CPC leadership contest more interesting.


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Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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