First Past The Post (FPTP) works

Journalist Tristan Hopper, writing in the National Post, says the he and his newspaper polled several constitutional scholars to get “their favourite arguments in favour of FPTP.” In the interests of the free discussion of ideas I am quoting his article at length, under the Fair Dealing provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act. The expertsContinue reading “First Past The Post (FPTP) works”

Brexit (12) : choosing up sides

When the Brits actually begin the Brexit process, by initiating action under Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union, it will be the European Council (the EU’s heads of government) with whom negotiations will be conducted, and that body has appointed Didier Seeuws, a Belgian diplomat, The Guardian (in the linked article, describesContinue reading “Brexit (12) : choosing up sides”

How about a step back … to effectiveness?

I see from the Canadian Army’s propaganda machine that our colonels and generals are still tightly wound around the “buttons and bows” axle. The news release says that the Army “will advance into the future” following a new Army flag …  … which, I’m sad to say, looks, to me, a little too busy. But maybe,Continue reading “How about a step back … to effectiveness?”

It ain’t necessarily so …

According to a Canadian Press story, a former Liberal MP is demanding that the Liberal Party explain why former minister Hunter Tootoo is not welcome back in the caucus. There are allegations that Mr Tootoo had (an) “inappropriate” sexual relations (relationship) with a young staff member. Perhaps he did, and IF he did then weContinue reading “It ain’t necessarily so …”

A Conservative Defence Policy Challenge

We, Conservatives, have talked a lot about defence, but, except for a brief period when Gordon O’Connor was the minister, successive Conservative governments didn’t really do very much … we let the senior bureaucrats in Finance, PCO, Treasury and Defence pretty much play their own “official Ottawa” power games with national strategy, defence policy andContinue reading “A Conservative Defence Policy Challenge”

Get off the pot, government, and do something useful for a change

Generations of Canadian sailors, soldiers and air force members have grown accustomed to “rust out:” going to sea, or deploying, into combat, with old, hard to maintain kit … … we were, quite literally, in 1990, installing newer (but used) weapons and electronics in warships that had, in one case, been laid down almost 40 yearsContinue reading “Get off the pot, government, and do something useful for a change”

Is anything outrageous?

Michel Rempel, who, in my opinion, should be running to lead the Conservative Party of Canada ~ because she is, inter alia, young, smart, socially moderate, tough on crime and terror, telegenic, fiscally conservative, and media savvy ~ is outraged by the most recent terrorist attack, this one on a church in France. She isContinue reading “Is anything outrageous?”

A modest, Canadian, Conservative canon (Part 4)

About a week ago I said, “We need to affirm that our enlightened, secular, Anglo- Saxon, liberal democratic values are the “gold standard” for all Canadians and all residents of Canada regardless of race, colour or creed. We have to make it clear that all those who seek safety in Canada, who want to make new livesContinue reading “A modest, Canadian, Conservative canon (Part 4)”