Good for PM Trudeau …

Barack Obama

… if this report, from CBC News, is true ~ “The Trudeau government has decided it will send troops to join a NATO high-readiness brigade preparing to deploy in Eastern Europe, CBC News has confirmed … The official announcement is expected later today and comes just one day after U.S. President Barack Obama challenged Canada to do more to support the military alliance… [and] … The deployment would involve hundreds of troops to fill out one of four battalions being assembled to act as a deterrence against Russian expansionism and to reassure jittery allies, particularly in the Baltic region.

ORD_M777s_Canadian_Firing_lgwallpaper-2951942As my friend the Technoviking and I have discussed, a full, all arms battle group ~ what we understand NATO asked for ~ is over 1,000 strong, not just hundreds, and the National Support Element, which provides logistic and administrative support, will require several hundred more people. The CF-18s should stay, in support of the ground forces and to fly air-to-air intercept missions, too. The commitment is likely to be for several (ten?) years. This will be almost the equivalent of Afghanistan for almost the same length of time.

But, this is real peacekeeping: there is a hard earned peace in Europe and it is being threatened by Russian opportunistic adventurism. I’m sure there will be opportunities, especially for photo ops, for missions for French speaking, female police officers ~ the one group Prime Minister Trudeau has openly discussed ~ in some UN missions in Africa, and that will play into the plan to get Canada a second class, temporary, powerless seat on the UN Security Council, but this mission, not fiddling about in Africa, will get us the European’s votes.

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