Get on with it! (Brexit (8))

OK, OK, I know that the Three Amigos summit will occupy almost all of Prime Minister Trudeau’s attention for the next week, but could one of the grownups ~ there are a few ~ in the cabinet, please get on with something that matters? … with something where we can, actually, play a lead role?

british-high-commissioner-to-canada-howard-drakeA report from CBC News quotes UK High Commissioner Howard Drake (pictured)  as saying that the UK is ready, now, to start negotiating a free trade deal with Canada. Presumably the 1297468079999_ORIGINALground work laid in the Canada-Europe Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiations can be a foundation, but, one hopes, better for Canada. It’s no secret that I think our Trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland, while no doubt smart and well educated, is better suited to representing Canada in the upper class twit of the year  contest than in negotiations with other G7 nations, but she’s who is there and she should have a team of very senior officials assembling their negotiating positions right now.

Howard Drake, a career diplomat, is quite right, as the CBC News report noted : “the U.K. will not cease to be a trading nation after it pulls out of the EU .. [and he said] … “We’re an island. We’ll be strongly pro-free trade outside the European Union,” … [and] … “We’ll be looking to make trade deals with other countries around the world, including Canada. Other countries that are currently outside the EU do have very good trading relationships and trade agreements with other countries, so we can be the same. We have a lot to bring to the party,” he said, noting Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world.”

This is an opportunity for the Trudeau regime to do something for Canada … for a change. get on with it, Prime Minister.

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