This just about says it all,  suppose …


… but the implications, for other countries where (slim) majorities or large minorities are anti-EU …


… are worrisome. We must, also, wonder if Britain can stay as a United Kingdom in the wake of the Brexit vote. For now, as Facebook says about some human relationships, “It’s complicated” …


… and it’s going to get a damned site more complicated as Britain and Europe decide on how to arrange and manage an amicable separation … and no other sort makes any sense at all.

This will not be a popular suggestion in Liberal circles, but the correct reaction for Canada, right now, is to

  1. Redeploy almost every single immigration officer from almost everywhere in Europe, Africa and the Middle East to Britain and start “fast tracking” immigration applications from educated, qualified, entrepreneurial Brits; and
  2. Negotiate a separate, comprehensive free trade deal with Britain.


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