If this is true …. (2)

A couple of days ago I commented on a report that Jason Kenney might be leaving federal politics. Now CBC News says it’s a sure thing:

Conservative MP Jason Kenney is poised to announce this summer that he will leave federal politics, fuelling expectations that he intends to run a campaign to unite the right in his home province of Alberta … [and] … Sources tell CBC News Kenneythat Kenney made his decision following a series of weekend meetings with key friends and advisers in Ottawa and Calgary The group includes former MP Monte Solberg, former Conservative campaign guru Tom Flanagan as well as a number of key figures in the former Harper government: Howard Anglin, Mark Cameron and Ian Brodie … [but] … Kenney’s decision will be huge, not only in Alberta where the fractured right-of-centre vote contributed to the NDP’s stunning majority win last year, but in federal politics .. [because] … He’s considered a leading contender to replace Stephen Harper, and there’s been intense pressure on him to run to replace the former prime minister.”

brain-jean-wildroseWildrose_Leader_Danielle_SmithIt is rumoured that there is considerable opposition to Brian Jean’s leadership of the WildRose Party … and those interested in C/conservative politics will remember what happened when Danielle Smith tried, and failed, miserably, to “unite the right” under Jim Prentice. Could Kenny do what Mr Jean and Ms Smith failed to do?

Now is the right time … the next election is likely in the Spring of 2019 and by summer 2019, as we head into an intense federal election campaign we could see this array of races:


Given the state of BC politics where it seems to me be the NDP vs Not the NDP then it might be that all of “New Canada” is lined up against Prime Minister Trudeau.

Anyway, good luck to Jason Kenney … whatever he decides.

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