Still not outraged (3)

Sorry, Conservative Party of Canada, but I, like a few prospective party leaders, am not outraged by the proposal to change the words to the national anthem. I agree it was a waste of parliament’s time and a quite unnecessary thing, to boot, but it was/is good politics and the Liberals are giving us a seminar on how to do politics in the 21st century, aren’t they? They remain well above 40% in the polls I have seen recently and Prime Minister Trudeau also remains very popular as an individual and as a leader. My hopes that they were going “tone deaf” appear to have been wrong; nothing sticks to Justin Trudeau ~ not even his outright lies and broken promises to wounded veterans.

Several things do provoke real outrage in me:

  • The Liberals’ aimless, silly, uncoordinated, wasteful spending;
  • The plot to impose a new voting system without the informed consent of Canadians;
  • Reopening the suit to renounce any special responsibility for veterans ~ shameful;
  • Harjit-Sajjan-photoThe F-35 fiasco ~ part of which rests on the CPC;
  • The whole, phoney Defence Review process which is, I am 99.99% certain, designed solely to waste time and take defence off the table for all of 2016;
  • OTT1020-dionForeign policy ~ almost from top to bottom: I think the Honourable Stéphane Dion (and I believe he is an honourable man) is out of his depth and an embarrassment to Canada;
  • Specifically: Canada’s stance on Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS;
  • Pipelines;
  • hehrswearInept cabinet ministers like Kent Hehr and Harjit Sajjan who can, it appears to me, neither lead, manage nor communicate; and
  • The never ending campaign ~ which is, really, the 2019 election campaign, already ~ rather than an honest attempt at governing.

I believe that all Canadians and, especially, all Conservatives ought to be worried about those and other issues, not Mme Trudeau’s nannies or the national anthem … which we all just hum, anyway.

Let’s all focus on what Canada needs … and push the Liberal regime in the right directions.


3 thoughts on “Still not outraged (3)”

  1. Why do you say Dion is out of his depth? I ask because I always observe him but can’t quite put my finger on what could be off. Is it that he, like Ignatieff before him, is a brilliant academic but doesn’t seem to transfer his skills to practice?

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