Kudos to the Trudeau regime for doing one thing right

Yesterday I castigated the Trudeau regime for, inter alia, attempting to subvert parliamentary democracy in Canada and being the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight”because some ministers are, pretty clearly, way under-qualified for the jobs they downloadhold. Today I need to give kudos because, as both the Globe and Mail and the Huffington Post and other media outlets report that the “The Liberal government waved a white flag Thursday, changing course on its democratic reform plans and handing the opposition a majority on a committee that will recommended changes to the electoral system …  Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef announced the government will be supporting an NDP motion that transfers power from Liberal MPs to a majority of opposition members.”

This is a good first step … but we mustn’t start cheering and declare victory just yet. The key, absolutely essential second step will be, must be, to hold a national referendum ~ perhaps more than one will be needed ~ before any decision is taken.

It is not that our current, first past the post system is better than anything else, but despite what some people think there is not much evidence that it is any worse, either. What is needed is a lot of public education and discussion … Canadians ought not be stampeded into an electoral system without their informed consent. Each voting system has some strengths and some weaknesses, including first past the post.

But, Kudos to the Liberals for taking a small, first step … but Liberals will understand if I, and others, are looking for a trap.

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