Right to die (2)

I expressed my own (some what muddled) views on the “right to die” issue about six weeks ago.

imageThe Trudeau regime is intent on rushing a bill (C 14) through parliament ~ in fact the origins of the “elbowgate” fiasco, which saw our prime minister make a fool of himself and insult democracy because he is an immature, entitled “trust fund kind” rather than  a mature, thoughtful political leader, lay in a crude, clumsy government attempt to subvert parliamentary democracy to “have its own’ way with the bill … we really did elect a “gang that couldn’t shoot straight” when we let this bunch loose, didn’t we? Despite having backed away from actually subverting parliamentary democracy in Canada the government (once again) used “time allocation” (a procedural measure to limit debate) to push the bill through, not accepting any of the opposition’s suggested amendments because, I suppose, this is Justin Trudeau’s government and everything must be perfect all the time.

senateBut, according to today’s media, the bill has received a very rough ride (some sober second thought) in the Senate. It has been been called “indefensible” by newly appointed Senator André Pratte, and Independent Liberal Senator (and formed Defence Minister) Art Eggleton said that it would be, “better to get this right than to get it fast.” I agree with both of them.

I still do not have a “right answer” of my own for this downloadbill … I have strong feelings, but so do many other thoughtful people whose views I respect. What is becoming much more clear is that Justin Trudeau and his team have no “right ideas”either. His cabinet was made for show, not governing … there are too many “weakest links” in it and it is past time the PrimeMinister’s Office changed out of campaign mode. They were damned good at it, but, after all, Ms Telford and Mr Butts: “It’s 2016!”

The issue of assisted dying is important and complex, full of legal, ethical and emotional traps. Bill C 14 needs to be withdrawn, revised and reintroduced for full, open, detailed debate in parliament. A real leader would see that and do that … but we have Justin Trudeau.

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