Good for PM Trudeau …

… if this report, from CBC News, is true ~ “The Trudeau government has decided it will send troops to join a NATO high-readiness brigade preparing to deploy in Eastern Europe, CBC News has confirmed … The official announcement is expected later today and comes just one day after U.S. President Barack Obama challenged Canada to doContinue reading “Good for PM Trudeau …”

Contagion (Brexit (10))

I (and others wiser than I) suggested that Brexit would be devastating for the EU, not least because several nationalist groups are very likely to press for (and a few will even win) similar referenda in their countries. Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s right wing/anti-EU National front party says, in an article in theContinue reading “Contagion (Brexit (10))”

Defence Review (22)

The submissions for the Defence Review are in and you can read them Defence Policy Review website. I think that Professor Stephen Saideman of Carleton University got it about right when he said, “my observation of this Liberal government is that NATO is an afterthought. The focus on UN and peacekeeping fits with Liberal valuesContinue reading “Defence Review (22)”

Brexit (9) and NATO

I came across two items yesterday about Brexit and NATO: Professor Stephen Saideman, in his own blog, says “there are no direct implications since NATO and the EU are entirely separate entities despite efforts by some (France) to have the latter supplant the former.  The UK was a major member of NATO before it joinedContinue reading “Brexit (9) and NATO”

The Chinese Threat

I have said, several times, that I do not regard China’s actions in Asia, including in the South China Sea, as a real threat to peace. I see those actions as bullying, plain and simple. I believe that Canada should help its Asian friends (Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam) stand up to Chinese bullying ~ and IContinue reading “The Chinese Threat”

Pro-Russian Rubbish

Murray Dobbin is a left wing ‘activist,’ author and commentator, an advisor, board member and contributor to organizations like and the Rideau Institute, an anti-military ‘think tank.’ He has his own blog and he writes, now and again, for mainstream journals including the Globe and Mail and the Hill Times. An article in the HillContinue reading “Pro-Russian Rubbish”

Get on with it! (Brexit (8))

OK, OK, I know that the Three Amigos summit will occupy almost all of Prime Minister Trudeau’s attention for the next week, but could one of the grownups ~ there are a few ~ in the cabinet, please get on with something that matters? … with something where we can, actually, play a lead role?Continue reading “Get on with it! (Brexit (8))”

Brexit (7) “neutral to moderately negative for the UK, but devastating for the EU”

Wolfgang Münchau, who is an Associate Editor of the influential Financial Times and a well known author/commentator and expert on the Eurozone, weighs in through an article in the Financial Times that begins by saying that: “The UK’s vote to leave the EU will not only break the ties between the UK and the bloc, and probablyContinue reading “Brexit (7) “neutral to moderately negative for the UK, but devastating for the EU””

Brexit (4 (…or 5 or is it 6 or 7?)): The fallout and a big lesson

So, it’s decided, sort of, maybe … … and the elites and the informed and the chattering classes all have a weekend to settle themselves. The headlines were interesting …   … reflecting a range of opinion in Britain and Europe. But let’s all take a deep breath. While, we are told by good, reliableContinue reading “Brexit (4 (…or 5 or is it 6 or 7?)): The fallout and a big lesson”


As we, Conservatives, contemplate the challenge of restoring good, sound, principled government to Canada we must select a new party leader. Many hoped that Rona Ambrose, the interim leader would seek the permanent job but she has decided that her (current) role is to lead while the party builds for the future. My friend TheContinue reading “Leaders”