Some further advice for the Defence Review (19)

At a recent symposium hosted by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute former “Minister of Everything” John Manley and former federal Progressive Conservative minister and Quebec Liberal Premier Jean Charest waded into the Defence Review debate with some wise words. Several media outlets have reported on the conference using a Canadian Press report by Murray Brewster whichContinue reading “Some further advice for the Defence Review (19)”

The basement? Or the 50% solution?

There is an interesting article in the Globe and Mail by pollster Nik Nanos in which he reports that the Conservative Party of Canada has dropped in popular support from 32% at the general election in October 2015 to just over 25%, now, just over six months later. (The Liberals , by the Nanos numbers,Continue reading “The basement? Or the 50% solution?”

Exploiting Liberal weakness: Foreign Policy ~ going down the wrong path

In a column in the Ottawa Citizen, Michael den Tandt deals, briefly with the issue of charisma: who’s got it? Justin Trudeau, Kevin O’Leary and Michelle Rempel, he says. Who hasn’t got quite so much? Peter MacKay and Rona Ambrose, in his opinion. But his main point is to encourage Conservatives to get out thereContinue reading “Exploiting Liberal weakness: Foreign Policy ~ going down the wrong path”

First year, mid-term results

David Akin, writing in the Toronto Sun, provides a “mid-term” report card on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of his ministers. He gives the PM (and PMO) an A+ for style and process, and I agree. But because of some real weakness of policy he lowers the overall grade to a B, which isContinue reading “First year, mid-term results”

Battle of the Atlantic

Today, the first Sunday in May, is Battle of the Atlantic Sunday and we remember the longest and, arguably, most decisive battle of World War II. There were plenty of “decisive battles” but few which could, in and of themselves, have cost us the war. Had we lost the Battle of the Atlantic it isContinue reading “Battle of the Atlantic”

Is she the one? Or is it her?

Two items caught my eye, yesterday: First, in the National Post, there is a report that some MPs, including Shannon Stubbs from Alberta and Pierre Poilievre from Ontario have supported a “Draft Rona Ambrose” campaign that was started by Scott Reid, a six-term Ontario MP. Reid wants to overturn the part of the CPC constitution that blocks the interimContinue reading “Is she the one? Or is it her?”