Grassroots anger?

There has been good deal of chatter on social media about an article David Akin wrote in the Toronto Sun which is headlined “Angry at party brass, grassroots Conservatives ready for change.” The bulk of the comment is from parts of that very grassroots and they are saying that they are not angry at Stephen Harper. So,Continue reading “Grassroots anger?”

Is he thinking about a Grand Strategy for Canada?

There is a report in the Globe and Mail saying that Stephen Harper will resign as a member of parliament before the fall sitting of the House. That should not be too surprising … some defeated leaders have stayed on with mixed results. Some have been real assets to parliament and their parties, others lessContinue reading “Is he thinking about a Grand Strategy for Canada?”

Not ready for prime time?

It appears that Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau’s positions on some key issues do not find much favour with our Japanese friends. A report in the Globe and Mail, repeated in the Toronto Star, suggests that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe more or less scolded Canada for being less that helpful in the South China Seas dispute andContinue reading “Not ready for prime time?”

Subsidizing Bombardier

A few months ago I speculated that one way the government might explore to (legally) subsidize Bombardier is to buy a CF-18 replacement aircraft from a company that will build (assemble) (part of) it in Canada, at Bombardier, assuming, that is, that the Trudeau government intends to keep its popular election promise to not buyContinue reading “Subsidizing Bombardier”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (2)

Before there can be any sort of useful Defence Review there needs to be sort sort of a national Grand Strategy. I have not seen any such thing from the Justin Trudeau government unless running around the world trumpeting that sky-high deficits is good fiscal policy and talking to school children about climate change countsContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey (2)”

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

This is Queen Elizabeth … … she is, in her own right, the Queen of Canada. She’s also, in her own right, the Queen of the United Kingdom, Australia and about 15 other places, too. Her birthday is in April, in fact she just turned 90, and she is about as gracious and hard workingContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Your Majesty”

Fallout (2)

The Trudeau elbowing has not, despite herculean Liberal efforts to “change the channel,” gone away and, in fact, it is getting global attention in the “big leagues,” too. Why? Because, as David McLaughlin said in the Globe and Mail, the real issue isn’t elbows or anything quite so exciting rather … “It is the mastery ofContinue reading “Fallout (2)”

Liberals and veterans

The Conservatives were, rightly, in my opinion, castigated during the 2015 election campaign for treating veterans unfairly. I, personally, think Julian Fantino was a poor minister ~ maybe he was doing what the PMO, PCO and his own officials told him, but he certainly managed to do it, whatever “it” was, in a way thatContinue reading “Liberals and veterans”