Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

This is Queen Elizabeth …


… she is, in her own right, the Queen of Canada. She’s also, in her own right, the Queen of the United Kingdom, Australia and about 15 other places, too. Her birthday is in April, in fact she just turned 90, and she is about as gracious and hard working a head of state as anyone could ever wish to have. Her birthday is in April … we, Canadians, don’t celebrate it. We wait, instead, until late May and then we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday which was on May 24th …


… the day (actually a long weekend Monday near to that day), a major public holiday, except in the province of Quebec, is variously known as Victoria Day, the Queen’s Birthday and, as often as not, just the 24th of May, even though it is celebrated over whichever long week-end is closest to the 24th of May. Every so often we need our media to remind us of what we’re celebrating because queens and such are pretty remote from our everyday lives. We just know it’s a lovely holiday …


… often with parades, fireworks and games for kids and hot dogs in the park, on the beach or at the lake …

… however you plan to celebrate, remember to say: Happy Birthday, Your Majesties!

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