Is it just me? (2)

A few days ago I asked if anyone else thought the Liberals had gone a bit “tone deaf.” Between being outmanoeuvred by Rona Ambrose in responding to the Fort McMurray fire, then upsetting even their staunch cheering section in the media with the undemocratic way they are pushing their electoral reform legislation and, finally, the Sophie eruption, which has still not died down, I thought the Liberals had lost site of how to present themselves as a competent government.

Now we get a fracas in the House of Commons that has, once again, got the Prime Minister, personally, in some quite unnecessary hot water …


… as David Akin has pointed out in his ‘On The Hill’ blog, a few “NDP MPs [were] trying to prevent Brown from completing his ceremonial walk down the aisle to present himself to the speaker in the mistaken belief that, by doing this, they can prevent a vote on a controversial motion they oppose … then, after they had imposed about a 30 second delay on CPC whip Gord Brown  … the prime minister [made] his move. His seat is on our left as we look at this view, on the right of the Speaker. Trudeau gets up from his seat and moves toward this group of NDP MPs. Ramsay would later say that, at about this point, Trudeau tells these MPs to “Get the f*** out of the way.” Again: The voting procedure has been delayed by, to be charitable, less than a minute when the PM decides to take this action … Trudeau grabs Brown’s right elbow. As he turns Brown forward, he elbows NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau. The tape clearly shows her in some anguish after she is struck … Liberal MPs stand to applaud their leaders’ action, which has moved Brown to the front of the chamber. Brown does not look pleased and his gestures here are not the normal gestures in this ceremony.

What on earth was on his mind? Why this imperious action?

It’s no secret that I think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, in every respect, a lot more like …


… this uber-entitled, intellectually vacuous jerk than he is like any real statesman, but now he seems to be channelling this …


… or maybe this …


… but all he’s really managed to do is to remind Canadians that the Conservative ads were right, and he’s really …


There are some first rate people on Prime Minister Trudeau’s team …

… it’s time some of those ‘grownups’ took this “uber-entitled, intellectually vacuous jerk” aside and told him to grow up. It’s also time a couple of million Canadians experienced a healthy dose of “buyers’ remorse” and promised to never vote for an empty head under great hair again.

10 thoughts on “Is it just me? (2)”

  1. I’m guessing that as per house rules the NDP knuckle heads should have not been on the floor but in their seats. I applaud the PM for his actions, and can’t believe his own party didn’t come to his aid. The MP that got elbowed had it coming. I consider her actions a form of assault and harassment, much like a bully on the playground. She/they need to keep their asses in their seats and start acting like adults. Bravo Justin! I would have done the same thing. The Sgt at Arms should have grabbed each of them by the scruff of the neck and escorted them out of the house. Their behaviour was reprehensible. How about placing the blame exactly where it belongs, on the NDP.

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