Is she the one? Or is it her?

Two items caught my eye, yesterday:

1297782883077_ORIGINAL.jpgFirst, in the National Postthere is a report that some MPs, including Shannon Stubbs from Alberta and Pierre Poilievre from Ontario have supported a “Draft Rona Ambrose” campaign that was started by Scott Reid, a six-term Ontario MP. Reid wants to overturn the part of the CPC constitution that blocks the interim head from becoming a candidate for permanent party leader. There is no doubt, as I have reported, that many, many Conservatives like thew way Ms Ambrose has led the party thus far and would be very comfortable with her as leader; and

Second, in the Ottawa Citizen, Andrew MacDougall, a senior Conservative insider, says that Kellie Leitch has shot herself in the foot and that neither Maxime Bernier nor Michael Chong have a chance at being leader …

… but he does speak very highly of Michelle Rempel as being “real,” “honest” and “unfiltered.” Candidates for party leader, a group which may also include some or even all of these folks …

… need, he suggests, to “go full Rempel on the subjects that grind their gears, whether it be taxes, trade, health care, or the sorry state of our indigenous populations, and speak about them in a way that opens up ears across the aisle … Not to be all Care Bear about it,” he adds, “but they’re going to have to lead with their hearts and their heads. michelle-rempelIt will be a step change for a political movement that for the past decade has been very micro in its methods.

Maybe the first person who need to “go full Rempel” is Ms Rempel herself. Maybe she is is the “other” candidate, the one who can give Ms Ambrose a real run for the leadership and who can excite the Canadians we lost in the 2015 general election. She’s young, smart, passionate about her politics, bilingual and telegenic … a good candidate for the social media age. And she is honest and forthright, attributes that may frighten many political professionals but which may stand her in very good stead with the cohort of voters which has, traditionally, spurned Conservatives in the past.

I want to hear Ms Ambrose and Ms Rempel and all the others, including Dr Leitch and M Bernier, being “real,” “honest” and “unfiltered”on all the issues that I have been discussing in this blog for the past several months and which I will discuss further.

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