Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

There is an interesting piece in the Globe and Mail in which Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says that he is considering a “super SIRC” (Security Intelligence Review Committee) “to solve a problem at the border agency, which has no process in place to deal with complaints about officer conduct.“ The article goes on toContinue reading “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Grassroots optimism, on balance

I wondered, in the days leading up to the CPC Convention if we were going to see grassroots anger, or grassroots optimism.  On balance, the media and I seem to agree, we saw mostly optimism and confidence in the future, and lots of openness, respectful and mature debate and pride in what the CPC hasContinue reading “Grassroots optimism, on balance”

The Great Migration (2)

About six months ago I talked about the challenge that a new “great migration,” mainly from the Middle East and Africa, poses for Europe, especially, but also for Canada and the rest of the world. Now, The Economist newspaper has taken up the issue and reiterates the challenge this poses to Europe, in particular. TheContinue reading “The Great Migration (2)”

One small step …

I am a declared social moderate, in fact, I am a self described social libertarian. It is not surprising, therefore, that I am cheered by the Conservative Party of Canada’s first step in separating itself from the religious right’s obsession with the private lives of Canadians. But, as the linked article and others point out, someContinue reading “One small step …”

Backing away from a promise?

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals campaigned, in part, on what seemed to me like some pretty unambiguous promises; promises like … … just in case that’s a bit hard to read … … “We will not buy the F-35 stealth fighter-bomber” seems pretty clear to me, or am I missing something? I only ask because it appears,Continue reading “Backing away from a promise?”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (2.1) (Interconnections)

There are four (maybe four and a half) things that worry me right now and they are all interconnected: First: The state of the US economy ~ the Financial Times reports that “Productivity is set to fall in the US for the first time in more than three decades, raising the prospect of persistent wageContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey (2.1) (Interconnections)”

Grassroots optimism

Jason Fekete, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, says that “Thousands of Conservatives from across Canada will begin charting a new course for the federal party this week at the Tories’ national convention in Vancouver … while many in the party are pushing for more progressive policies on things like same-sex marriage and the environment, theyContinue reading “Grassroots optimism”