Congratulations, Manitoba

Congratulations to the voters of Manitoba for electing a PC Government yesterday: The Globe and Mail reports that “Manitobans gave Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister one of the province’s most resounding victories in decades … [and] The Tories won a commanding victory on Tuesday, taking seats in areas where the party hasn’t been close toContinue reading “Congratulations, Manitoba”

Conservative environmentalism or environmentally conscious conservatism

A few months ago I commented on an article by Tony Clement in which he asked this question of Conservatives: Can we craft “an environmental policy that is consistent with Canadian values?“ Some things a young friend on the other side of the world posted on her blog resonated with me and brought me backContinue reading “Conservative environmentalism or environmentally conscious conservatism”

Rethinking missile defence

There is a good, informative article in the National Post suggesting that part of remit of the Defence Review will be to reconsider Canadian participation in continental missile defence. It would be a very good move ~ and Prime Minister Trudeau and Defence Minister Sajjan are to be commended to considering it ~ IF theContinue reading “Rethinking missile defence”

Leadership and values and my expectations

A couple of days ago I commented on the thorny issue of assisted dying. I started addressing some of the difficult, “hot button” issues back in December when I suggested that our next Conservative Party Of Canada leader needs to be a social moderate. Three points to get started: First: I expect any serious leadershipContinue reading “Leadership and values and my expectations”

Some things the Defence Review might consider (7): I’ve got a little list

Gilbert and Sullivan aficionados will forgive me, I hope, but like the Lord High Executioner in The Mikado, I, too, “have got a little list.” I posted it last year: 11 things that I believe are essential to our national defence. The list falls into four broad categories which I discussed in six posts: first, Top levelContinue reading “Some things the Defence Review might consider (7): I’ve got a little list”

Killing is the only answer (2)

A month ago I talked about this story: two Canadians have been kidnapped by the radical Islamist Abu Sayyaf terrorist group and are being held hostage in the jungles of the Philippines. A new video has emerged, apparently, and this time there is a date: “We’re told this is the absolute final warning, the finalContinue reading “Killing is the only answer (2)”

Bluer than blue?

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that things were looking blue for Canada … I meant that I hoped the tide was starting to turn, and that Brad Wall would be reelected in Saskatchewan, and that Brian Pallister would lead the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives to victory …  … Brad Wall did win, suggesting, asContinue reading “Bluer than blue?”

Some things the Defence Review might consider (6): Defence Procurement

There is a cute cartoon floating about the internet which displays the very common military “view” of defence procurement … … sailors and soldiers have, in general, lost faith in their government’s ability to give them the tools they ned in a timely fashion. This is not, given that “Doctrine Man” is a US socialContinue reading “Some things the Defence Review might consider (6): Defence Procurement”