Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage

I see, on social media, HUGE amounts of scorn being heaped on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for having a cabinet meeting at a resort in Alberta. I’m apologize, especially to leaders of the CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage to join in. First: of course, we (you) did it too. It,…… Continue reading Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage

Following the blind leader (2)

Revised (2016-04-25) I have, more than once, expressed my, personal view that American strategic leadership has, since the end of the Eisenhower administration, been somewhere between weak and ineffective to downright counter-productive. I’m not alone. A serving US Army staff officer, who, for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous, has written a brief but very good…… Continue reading Following the blind leader (2)

A further throught (#9, 10, 12?) on the Defence Review

I see that the government’s “information” machine is trying to set the tenor for the forthcoming defence review … … now, that’s an important message. Our people are, indeed, our most valuable resource and I have already suggested that we might want to take a ‘people centred’ look at national defence, telling our government that…… Continue reading A further throught (#9, 10, 12?) on the Defence Review

Kap’yong Day

Today is Kap’yong Day. Details of the battle are available online and there is a useful series of 4 videos, too. Suffice it to say that, as first the US divisions and then the South Korean forces weakened and withdrew, only three units remained to hold off a massive Chinese attack: 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment; A…… Continue reading Kap’yong Day


It’s 25 April in Australia and New Zealand and so I join everyone there in remembering on ANZAC day … … the image is called “Catching up” and it shows Australian soldiers from 1915 to 2015 sharing a pint and the memories that only fighting men can have. We Canadians have served alongside the “Diggers”…… Continue reading ANZAC Day

Ships (3): Life extending the Kingston class

It is being reported in both the media (Ottawa Citizen) and on that the Kingston class warships will get a life extension. This should be seen as a good move on the Navy’s part. The little (180 feet, 970 tons) ships have, indeed, become the “workhorses” of the fleet doing the day-to-day, not very glamorous tasks for…… Continue reading Ships (3): Life extending the Kingston class

The outcome

I had no really strong views on the Duffy affaire, except that I thought Senator Duffy was a very, very good communicator, as is Senator Wallin. Both, and others, embarrassed their parties, and Prime Ministers Harper and Trudeau took different approaches. Thus far Prime Minister Trudeau’s seems to have worked better.  I am usually suspicious…… Continue reading The outcome

Some things the Defence Review might consider (8): Good words from a trusted source

I have rattled on, possibly too long, about the problems that I see in National Defence and how I fear that the Defence Review will not (not be allowed to?) address them. Now my friend, retired Brigadier General Jim Cox, writing in the Vimy Report, has provided an excellent foundation from which you can consider…… Continue reading Some things the Defence Review might consider (8): Good words from a trusted source

Unrestricted Warfare or Soft Power?

There is an interesting article online at War on the Rocks by retired Lieutenant General David W. Barno (US Army) who is a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, and Dr. Nora Bensahel who is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence, at the School of International Service at American University. Interesting but, I think, wrong because they do not…… Continue reading Unrestricted Warfare or Soft Power?

Happy Birthday, Ma’am

Here, in Canada, we don’t celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in April, we wait until the weekend of the 24th of May, which was Queen Victoria’s Birthday (and when the weather is nicer), but Her Majesty is 90 years old today and we can all join in singing “Send her victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign…… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Ma’am