Still not outraged

A couple of days ago I explained why I couldn't work up enough fake outrage to attack Prime Minister Trudeau for holding cabinet meetings in resorts, away from Ottawa. I couldn't even bother to be outraged by the fact that he's less likely to be found in the House of Commons than was Stephen Harper. … Continue reading Still not outraged

What is Abu Sayyaf?

Now that John Ridsdel, a Canadian from Calgary, has been murdered and his body further desecrated, it will be, should be "normal" for Canadians to demand that the government "do something." It is, after all, what I have done, twice. But do what and against whom? There is a good article in the Ottawa Citizen, telling … Continue reading What is Abu Sayyaf?

Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage

I see, on social media, HUGE amounts of scorn being heaped on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for having a cabinet meeting at a resort in Alberta. I'm apologize, especially to leaders of the CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage to join in. First: of course, we (you) did it too. It, … Continue reading Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage

Following the blind leader (2)

Revised (2016-04-25) I have, more than once, expressed my, personal view that American strategic leadership has, since the end of the Eisenhower administration, been somewhere between weak and ineffective to downright counter-productive. I'm not alone. A serving US Army staff officer, who, for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous, has written a brief but very good … Continue reading Following the blind leader (2)

A further throught (#9, 10, 12?) on the Defence Review

I see that the government's "information" machine is trying to set the tenor for the forthcoming defence review ... ... now, that's an important message. Our people are, indeed, our most valuable resource and I have already suggested that we might want to take a 'people centred' look at national defence, telling our government that … Continue reading A further throught (#9, 10, 12?) on the Defence Review