Principles or politics?

A report in the Toronto Sun says that Dr Kellie Leitch has promised that if she becomes kellie_leitchprime minister she will recriminalize the (general) use of marijuana. I agree with Andrew Lawton, who wrote the article in the Sun that “as well-reasoned as Leitch’s objection to pot may be, from a medical point of view, with alcohol, tobacco, fast food and pop available on demand, access to pot, which seems to be uninhibited even under its criminal status quo, seems relatively benign.

I happen to share Dr Leitch’s view that there are “documented health risks that marijuana poses to children and adolescents,” and her view of “the hypocrisy in anti-cigarette campaigns by Health Canada, while the Trudeau government is normalizing pot.

genie back to the bottleBut I do not think that putting genies back in bottles is either good policy or good politics. I would much rather see Dr Leitch promise to allow adults to do unsafe, unwise things, if they really so desire, but I would support a very, very strong campaign against illegal cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana that get into the hands of children … even if that means going to a real, armed, shooting war against First Nations tobacco smugglers.

Let’s do what we can to lead children and youth in the “right” directions and allow adults to make mistakes, even though they costs our health care system dearly, as part of the price we pay to be “free.”

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